Must-See Photography. Principal photographer Meegan McSpedden

All milestones in life are worth remembering with precious photographs.

David Farmilo.

David Farmilo is an Australian Accredited Master Farrier with over 50 years of farriery experience and has a wealth of information about hoof care and farriery.    


Silversand Horsemanship.

Steve Halfpenny’s goal is to help you find and unlock the amazing hidden potential that lies in every horse.    


Equine Assisted Learning.

Find out how EAQ provides Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Facilitated Therapy, certification and recognised qualifications.  


Equine Dentist.
Dave Rowden: Certified Equine Dentist,  member AAED.  Dave and his wife Sue regularly attend to the dental care of Pine Point Station Horses.