Rams January 2013
17th December 2012.
The bird life seems to be just wonderful even into the summer and I caught this little Wren waiting for me to fill the bird bath this morning!
22nd November 2012.
Equine Assisted Learning has been the focus of the past few weeks and a new student, Rakhee has started the EAQ Unit "Care for and Handle a Horse's Feet".
Michelle is working on her EAQ Unit "Approach, Halter & Release".
EAQ is a recognised training organisation in the UK. Pine Point Equine Learning Centre is registered with EAQ and Marilyn is a qualified EAL Facilitator.
Marilyn visited the UK in August this year and took part in the Equine Assisted Learning Conference as well as furthering her experience in Facilitator Training for EAL.
13th November 2012.
With the past few months not recording a lot of rain the country is looking surprisingly good and we have marked 4000 lambs in September, the sheep are holding up well too.
We ran an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Training Workshop from the 1st to the 4th November which was great with Lisa, Emily & Hilary flying in from QLD and Fran & Michelle attending from Broken Hill.
4th January 2013. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
We are now getting the rams ready to go out with the ewes for joining in February.
They have a supplement of lupins, which improves sperm production, daily for a period of 8 weeks prior to joining.
The rams are also being fed hay because there is not enough dry feed in the small holding paddock to sustain them.
Picture below shows horse herd being moved to another dam as their usual dam has gone dry.