Pine Point Equine Learning Centre

Equine assisted learning is an innovative, experiential approach for helping people to learn.                         
It is a way of helping people by enabling them to learn from being around horses.

Pine Point is an EAQ Approved Centre offering equine assisted learning to both young people and adults. Situated 50km from Broken Hill, the horses live in a settled herd with freedom to roam over 4,000 acres of semi-arid grazing land.

Equine assisted learning can help individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves through their interaction with the horses. All sessions are conducted from the ground, there is no riding involved. The horses' paddock becomes an outside classroom where learners can engage in meaningful and fun activities with the horses. By working with the horses, whether it be negotiating an obstacle course or investigating herd dynamics, learners can build their confidence, increase self awareness and learn skills which are transferrable to other areas of their lives. This type of experiential learning has been shown to be especially beneficial for those on the autism spectrum as well as attachment disorder, challenging behaviour, social difficulties, ADHD and mild to moderate learning difficulties.

Sessions can be arranged one-to-one or for small groups. As an EAQ Approved Centre we are able to offer accredited courses through the National Open College Network. Learners can choose from a variety of courses and work towards gaining a Step Up Award, Certificate or Diploma.

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The emphasis is on learning at your own pace in a relaxed environment.